How to promote the site yourself.

Hello Friend! Each site creator thinks how to promote his own. This is a series of tasks that need to be performed in order.
Your goal is to attract as many visitors as possible and improve your position in the search for your resource.
For this, there is a seo- sequence algorithm.
First we will gradually create a site, we will choose a design. This is not a little important. Then choose the keywords that will display the essence of the site. And in the end we will fill it.
Correct design of a site plays not a little important role.
To promote the site, you can try in Odnoklassniki, and then try to promote in others. For example, CONTACT, TVITER

For this, there are the main criteria – the availability of the goal and the number of the audience that you are looking for when you come to the social network.
This is your additional source of income.
And people who come to you on the site should see a good and very user friendly website.
And moreover, the more attendance the better for you.
Go ahead and everything will turn out.

How to move forward in social networks.

Hello friend again! To promote your site in social networks, it is important to know that there are two ways to promote your site. Let’s look at them. 1. This SEO is the usual website optimization. 2. SMO is a narrow line of optimization of sites. These methods are used to optimize, and attract visitors from different social networks like, VKontakte or Classmates, various blogs and communities. The most important thing is to promote your site in social networks. To do this, we create communities with interests of interest to us, where we can invite our friends, acquaintances, etc.

Such groups where more participants and are in demand from other users of social networks, they begin to be added to this or that community of interest to them. Where can the links of your site be placed. Where they can be interested in absolutely all the articles, photos, this all can very well affect its promotion. You can also act in social networks like in Classmates.

So, we are spinning the site with a social network, this is a proven way to promote your site. But you can also spoil the reputation of your site. Therefore, you should not use a very bad reputation for black SMO and SMM methods. Better to entrust it to the studio that works on the promotion of sites in social networks, the training center “Studio iFish” by Yuri Boshnikov.

How to create a website yourself


Good afternoon, dear friend! We all once dreamed about something. How to improve your financial situation or buy what you most want. How to do this? The question that torments you day after day. How and what to do? It is on him that you spend most of your time looking for the answer on all the expanses of the Internet.